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Singer-Songwriter Georgette Jones, daughter of music icons Tammy Wynette and George Jones, made her 2023 Opry debut on April 6, honoring her mother’s passing twenty-five years ago. Jones will be performing My Man and Till I Can Make It On My Own. Joining her on the 6th will be Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers, Lauren Alaina, Lauren Mascitti, Wendy Moten, and Chuck Meade.

“The Opry and the Ryman were very important to mom,” says Jones. “She grew up listening to the Opry on WSM and always dreamed of having the honor of playing there. It really meant the world to her to stand in the circle and to be part of the Opry family. As a child, I ran the halls backstage along with many other artists’ children and grandchildren. I have the best memories being there not only for Opry appearances, but for award and TV shows as well. It was a big extended family environment that I am grateful to have experienced.” When asked if her mother had any favorite Opry memories, she recounted this story. Jones laughed and said: “Loretta, Mom, and Barbra Mandrell were all sharing a dressing room. That day was Barbra Mandrell’s anniversary, and her husband Ken had just gifted her with a pair of beautiful diamond earrings. She had misplaced them in the dressing room and panicked because she couldn’t find them. She said, ‘Ken’s going to kill me, help me find them.’ So, the three country legends got on their hands and knees intent on finding the earrings. Just then, Ken knocked on the door and stepped in, and a brutally honest Loretta blurted out ‘Barbra done lost her diamond earrings!’ and Barbra responded, ‘I told you not to tell him!’ and mom just fell on the floor hysterically laughing. In the end they found the diamond earrings, and all was well, but mom always loved to tell this story even years later. Can’t you just get the visual?”

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Georgette Jones signs management with Gerald Murray Music 


Country music singer, author, and actress Georgette Jones has signed an artist management deal with Gerald Murray Music. Georgette Jones is the daughter of country music legends and Hall of Fame couple, George Jones and Tammy Wynette. “I’m thrilled to work with Gerald for many reasons, but I have no doubts that Gerald is a man of his word and the hardest-working person I know,” said Jones. “I’m looking forward to a long and great future ahead of us.” The new management deal comes on the heels of Jones having worked for several years with veteran music artist manager and owner of Gerald Murray Music, Dr. Gerald Murray on her booking schedule. “I have had the pleasure of knowing Georgette personally and working with her as an agent,” said Murray. “I am extremely proud she has chosen us to help further her career endeavors and to work with her on future projects in a management capacity. She is a sincere and beautiful person and an amazingly talented artist. In the plans are new music and tour dates. Beyond the legacy left by her parents, Georgette has created and continues to grow her own remarkable legacy through music and other artistic endeavors. It is truly an honor for me as a manager to represent a highly regarded artist such as Georgette Jones and to be part of her career administration and her team.” In addition, PLA Media is proud to announce that she is joining their burgeoning roster as she embarks on this next chapter under the direction of Gerald Murray.

“I have known Georgette for many years and encouraged her personal growth and developing music career. I am delighted to see her blossom and PLA is looking forward to helping her on the journey,” says PLA Media President/CEO Pamela L. Lewis FRSA.

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"George & Tammy"

I'm thrilled at the response to our "George and Tammy" streaming series! It officially aired on December 8th, 2022 on Showtime and Paramount+ with the Showtime bundle. After the first episode aired, it is now the most watched premiere in Showtime history over nearly fifty years. We are so proud and blessed that Mom and Dad have so many wonderful fans! Thank you all for watching and for helping all to finally see their story unfold. I want to be sure to thank Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon for all their hard work, research and dedication to their roles and to Andrew Lazar and Josh Brolin for getting in touch with me in February, 2013 to be part of this project. But, most importantly, I have to thank Abe Sylvia for his vision and love of my parent's story that drove him to create this script in such a beautiful way! He understood the importance of the truth, but yet the importance of sharing their love and vulnerability, too. They interviewed over a hundred friends, artists, family and industry people along with viewing countless documents and video. They went beyond my best expectations. If you haven't yet seen it, I hope you check it out and enjoy it.

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Apple Sin Whiskey

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I'm happy to announce my Apple Sin Whiskey is now available!  Last year I partnered with my great friend, Spencer Balentine to make our apple cinnamon flavored whiskey.  We won 1st place in the International SIP Awards for best flavored whiskey.  It's made at Silent Brigade Distillery in Paducah, KY and can be purchased using the link provided here.  For now, it can be shipped to all states except DE and TN, but we have distribution coming very soon.  That means we can get into stores, bars, etc. and will be more widely available.  I'll keep you posted and I hope you'll give it a try and let me know what you think.  Thank you to all of you who have already done so.

Georgette honors Mothers Legacy on The Grand Ole Opry 





You and Me and Time
Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad
I Just Don't Give A Damn



Georgette Jones was born to Country Music legends and Hall of Fame couple, George Jones and Tammy Wynette. She's been singing on stage since she was three years old. At the age of ten, she recorded her first duet with her Father titled, "Daddy Come Home". After being a RN for seventeen years and raising her twin sons, she returned to music full time. She then recorded her second duet with her Father titled, "You and Me and Time".  Georgette has performed at the Opry, the Ryman and has toured across the US, Canada and overseas.  In addition to singing and songwriting, she is also an author. She co-wrote her biography, "The Three of Us", which was about her life growing up with her famous parents.  Georgette also acted in the TV series, "Sordid Lives" along side Leslie Jordan and Olivia Newton John.  She sang on it's soundtrack, as well.  Most recently, she is concentrating on her love of gaming and on bringing Country Music into the world of gaming.  A game lover since childhood, she is now streaming and enjoys connecting with fans and other gamers online.   




Who would've thought I'd be an online streaming gamer at this point in my life, right?  Well, I've loved games for as long as I can remember.  In fact, it all started with family game nights.  Then, Atari was born.  Eventually, I was a twelve year old at the arcade playing all kinds of games.  I also loved playing games with my twin sons when they were little.  Fast forward to 2015 when my husband convinced me to play Xbox Call of Duty.  I wasn't sure if I could do it since the games in my past weren't as complex, but I decided to try.  I went from one stick and a couple buttons to two sticks and multiple buttons.  Little did I know that my passion for gaming would reignite in a big way.  We play games on our downtime from touring and recently discovered there's so much we can do with online streaming.  I started with Q&A's and some games I love and it's a great way to connect with fans and other gamers.  Right now we're streaming three days a week, but are expanding to five days a week next month.  Plus, we are excited we'll be adding VR gaming as well as musical concerts.  Many of my friends in Country music are going to join me, too, for interviews, gaming and more.  I'm really looking forward to bringing Country music into the gaming community and to having a lot of fun with all who join us. Follow us on Facebook Gaming, lets play!



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